Powerful Thoughts

Powerful Thoughts
Our brains are the most powerful organs in our bodies.  We think of them as these grey, squishy looking afterthoughts.  But they are in fact quite the opposite. Many times our minds become our biggest obstacles whether through fear, self-doubt or lifetime baggage.  I can see many of us Women, nodding in agreement with this comment. But on the flip side, our minds can be our greatest weapon and ally.
I have met so many women who are consumed with negative thoughts and self-talk.  I can also be placed in that category from time to time.  It is sometimes easier to flow with the negative stream than to push against it.  As women, we are incredibly hard on ourselves.  We believe that we must be superwomen.  We must be the best business owner, wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, sister and so forth.  The list is endless.  But we can make it so much simpler.  Let's just be the best person we can be and add value everywhere we go.  If we show some kindness and patience to ourselves, then so many good things will follow.  We will be able to replace negative thoughts with thoughts that revolve around better things. Thoughts that include words like: I will, I can, I am fabulous.  You are the best and only version of you.  The world is truly your oyster.  A little piece of advice, if you feel like you are not feeling your usual fabulous self, always have a plan in place.  We all have good and bad days, it's called being human.  
But if a bad day happens to come your way, then follow these easy steps below:
1. Show kindness to yourself.
2. Take a long inhale and exhale.
3. Take a moment to think, do I need some space from what is making me feel low?  If you need physical space, then give yourself some space.  Whether this is a few minutes in the restrooms, an hour at your favourite cafe or a day at a quiet retreat.  You are allowed to be selfish from time to time.
4. If you are needing something more long term.  Then formulate your plan of action using a vision board and your diary.  
5. We all need support networks: so phone your friend, your mentor, and share your concerns.  It will help so much to talk things through. 
6. If you would rather go the journaling route, then do it.
I never thought that I would be able to leave my corporate job to become a full-time photographer - but I did.  I never thought that I would be able to become a certified yoga teacher - but I did.  I never thought that I would be travelling to different places in the world - but I am and currently living in China.  I never thought that I could learn a new language - but I am (Spanish).  My high school teacher told me that my writing skills were questionable - and now I am a published online writer.  Our minds are so powerful and our best asset.  I believe that we can do ANYTHING we put our minds to.
I hope that this post has inspired you.  I would love to hear your story and what you thought was impossible but is now a reality.
Never forget : You are FABULOUS!
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Jennifer Venter : Photographer, yoga teacher and writer currently based in Foshan, China

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  • What an inspirational read, Jennifer. Love the advice regarding how to deal with a bad day, brilliant!
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