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Women Of Ambition Retreat, Gold Coast, 8 - 9 February 2020 - Holiday Ticket Sale On Now!

Be a part of one of the largest personal and professional development retreat of it's kind in Queensland, Australia.

Location: Gold Coast

Dates: February 8 & 9, 2020

Holiday Ticket Sale!!

General tickets and VIP tickets are discounted for a limited time!

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A personal and professional development retreat for ambitious women located in a beautiful mansion at the Gold Coast. You will participate in intimate workshops with like-minded and successful women to enhance your business/career and escalate your personal growth. We cannot wait for you to join us in becoming the Best Version of Ourselves in 2020!!



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Workshop Overview - A Fabulous Future

Flexibility and adaptability are the cornerstones to career and business success. Now more than ever, people are called upon to navigate the constantly evolving and changing the world we live in. Become one of the extraordinary Women who embrace these opportune times and answer the call to compassionately lead themselves while inspiring others to do the same. This workshop will provide you with tools and tactics to confidently and courageously create a fabulous future.

During this workshop you will;
• Determine the key attributes for working and leading in the 21st century.
• Deepen your capacity for self-leadership.
• Understand the common obstacles that inhibit progress.
• Model and refine your own unique leadership style.
• Align your whole self to your personal expression of leadership.

Georgia is a free agent who takes delight in bending the rules. Since 2001, she has curiously been exploring and experimenting in the worlds of human potential, philosophy, spirituality, neuroscience, ancient wisdom, quantum theory, epigenetics, neurobiology and flow, attempting to join the dots on what it really means to be human.In 2013 she had a flash of insight to start Blue Chip Minds, an organisation dedicated to helping people be #betterhumans. Georgia regularly dusts off her business suit, dons her cape, rolls up her sleeves and returns to the business world to help leaders and teams move beyond their self-defined limits. She mixes her time between travel, research and designing and delivering organisational education programs, group coaching and private mentoring. She has worked with individuals and teams in Asia, the UAE, India, UK, USA, Canada and Australia, she is a regular speaker at Leadership events, podcast and radio guest and also hosts the Ellis in Wunderland Podcast. Georgia sees all of her activities as vehicles to help people lead better, learn better and live better.


Christine Corcoran

Confidence Keynote - How to stop self-sabotaging your success

We all have fears and beliefs that are keeping us stuck and when we understand how the fear of failure, fear of judgement, or fear of success can hold us back and keep us sabotaging our own success. Let’s move through the fear and step into your fierce future self. When we understand where fear is keeping us playing small, we can change the relationship we have with fear and start to use it to fuel our ambitious fire.


Christine is fascinated with human behaviour and what makes people tick. In her pragmatic approach to personal development, she shares unique perspectives into emotional intelligence, neuro-scientific research and high-performance strategies to encourage a heart centred approach to leadership and business development.

Christine is a Qualified in Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Matrix Therapies, MBraining Practitioner, Human Behavioural Profiling, Hypnotherapy and Leadership & Executive Coaching.

She works with female entrepreneurs to overcome the fear of failure, uncover the root causes of behavioural blocks, allowing them to push themselves outside their comfort zone and into their feminine leadership with an effective strategy that allows owning what they’re worth. As part of her Coaching, she works with a holistic view, with the person and their business, as one, uncovering their fierce passion & drive to create the business of their dreams. Christine hosts a weekly podcast for heart-centred entrepreneurs covering all things mindset, motivation and entrepreneurship titled The Next Level Life Podcast and hosts monthly events in Brisbane, Australia called The Love What You Do Collective for heart-centred entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate and learn.

FACEBOOK: Christine Corcoran Coach


Renee van den Heuvel

Female Embodiment Workshop

In this day and age, women can be and feel so disconnected to and disembodied from themselves, their true inner self. It is so easy to let external and societal pressures, expectations, opinions and idealisations be our focus, both consciously and subconsciously. Our childhood experiences: what were told, the things that we saw, the things that we believed and our environment help form our current programming and thinking.

All too often, we walk the hamster wheel of beliefs without questioning, challenging, nor reprogramming these thoughts and our corresponding actions. We eventually disconnect from what we truly desire, believe, and who we are at the soul level. This could not be truer for women working in male-dominated workplaces.

Society so often makes us believe that feeling, expressing, and being vulnerable means that we are weak, unstable, and 'less than' or we're too emotional, too unpredictable, 'too much'. So, what do we do instead?

We hide, suppress and ignore the very things that our beautiful body, in her amazing wisdom, is asking us to be present with and be aware of. This results in women holding on too many years of frozen tension, which then turns into a feeling of numb, disconnected, disembodied, inauthentic, and constantly living small. Lacking the confidence and conviction to own who they are, what they have to offer the world and limiting the impact that they can make.

This workshop will speak to ways that you can reconnect with and realign back to who you are at a soul level, who you are beneath the limiting beliefs, the paradigms and programming that no longer (if ever) serve(d) you. Renee will guide you to drop into your body, your heart and soul and really feel her, experience her and listen to her. Offer suggestions and tools to assist in living, working and soaring from a place of feminine, a place of feeling and a place of flow.

When you become intimate and present with the woman who lives within you, you will be able to own your personal sovereignty and truly know your own worth. You will feel more equipped, more aware and more prepared to live and work unapologetically in any workplace or industry that lights you up - whether it be dominated by males or females.

Renee is fascinated by and likes to learn theories and beliefs around the mind, body and soul connection - spirituality, metaphysics and Epigenetics blows her mind and challenges her intellectual and rational mind in exciting ways.

Renee is blessed to have a beautifully spirited and naturally embodied 3-year-old daughter who knows exactly how to express herself and not hold back - even if it is at a higher decibel than she would choose :) She is her greatest teacher and lesson in life.

Renee is married to a kind-hearted and supportive husband, who left his mother country, The Netherlands to be and live with me in Australia - although I do think he initially left for the beaches. I am not fluent in but understand all the basics and profanities of the Dutch language.